Upcoming @
Terrain Exhibitions

April 10 – May 1  
Iris Bernblum
May 8 – May 29 
Michelle Wasson
June 5 – June 26 
Melissa Pokorny
July 3 – July 24 
Cauleen Smith
August 7 – August 28 

Diane Christenson
September 4 – September 25 

Philip Hartigan
October 9 – October 30  

Cecil McDonald
November 6 – November 27

Zoe Charlton

December 4 – January 22, 2017
Luis Sahagun

Founded in October of 2011 by artist Sabina Ott and author John Paulett, Terrain is a public exhibition space in Oak Park, IL. Terrain is dedicated to featuring interventions into the conventional landscape of a front yard by emerging as well as established artists who have been invited to create a site – specific work that challenges the space between public and private, decoration and function, figure and ground. Terrain differs from many other alternative art platforms in that the artworks are accessible 24 hours a day, year round. Situated in Oak Park, Illinois, Terrain is directly across from Longfellow Elementary School and across from Longfellow Park near Ridgeland and Jackson Avenues. Visitors, neighbors, school children, teachers and their parents are exposed to challenging contemporary art, offering the experience of discovery and surprise to the community. Terrain exhibits work that expands, both, the audience of an artwork and the function of a suburban front yard.