Mike Andrews

Starchy Acid and Corn Lube

January 17, 2016-February 7, 2016

Opening Reception: January 24, 2-5pm 

Starchy Acid and Corn Lube is Mike Andrew’s first augmented reality endeavor. A digital banner on the porch acts as a trigger for an animated conglomeration that may be viewed on your phone or pad device.

Statement from the artist: This project at Terrain is my first foray into augmented reality. Terrain is the spaceship, my work is the sugary alien. I’ve seen the new “Star Wars:The Force Awakens” a few times since it’s release. Each time I  get a bag of candy like Swedish Fish or Airheads before I go to the theater. Swedish Fish have semi-translucent juicy red color and have an ideal consistency. The gummy textures gives enough resistance without sticking to your teeth. The Airheads have a range of flavors like Cherry and White Mystery. They have a gritty, plastic mouthfeel and have to be chewed like a taffy. In the movie there is a scene where a globular and aggressive creature attacks a spaceship.  It’s movements and gyrations suggest that it is doing more than attaching the ship. This slimy multi tentacled creatures seems to be trying to aggressively impregnate and consume the cold steel surface of the ship. It’s suction cup shaped maw attempts to devour the ship. Within the context of the scene this situation is supposed to be simultaneously terrifying and humorous.  The scene isn’t very long and the creature ultimately has a spectacular demise. I anticipate chewing through the several thin planes of acidic sugary matter while watching the primal behavior of this digital chunk.
Mike Andrews works through histories and materials related to textiles, digital software, sculpture, and collage. Exhibitions include  Chicago Cultural Center; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Society for Arts and Crafts, Boston; Jeff Bailey Gallery, NYC;  The Suburban, Oak Park; and William Bennington Gallery, London.