Ron Hutt

The Sky is Moving-The Earth is Humming December 13, 2015-January 5, 2016 

Artist Mockup

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Ron Hutt‘s video installation uses photographs of the Terrain Oak Park exhibition space, locational screenshots from satellite maps and street level views as essential visual and conceptual resources. This visual data is transformed through a layered digital painting process. Terrain viewers are invited to participate in the work through QR codes (found on an exhibition poster and take-away postcards). Using their mobile devices viewers can access the video soundtrack on the project’s website. The Sky is Moving – The Earth is Humming seeks to revel some possibilities for poly-locational awareness and emerging forms of global, cultural experiences.

As an artist, therapist and educator, Ron Hutt engages concepts of causality (past), synchronicity (present) and teleology (future) through the use of his theory and practice of Media Entanglement, which is at the core of Hutt’s Digimorphism manifesto. He is an internationally active artist whose corporal and digital paintings, prints and on-line works are a highly innovative leveraging of the unique attributes of traditional and digital medium. Hutt’s most recent works are based on the primary premise that the physical space in which an art object exists is engulfed by a globally connected digital world. Hutt holds graduate degrees in Arts Therapy (University of Louisville) and in Art and Technology (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago). Hutt is Associate Professor of Digital Art and Design at the University of Rhode Island and retains studios in the Sonoma Valley, California and Providence, Rhode Island.