#1 Mountain Terrace

Ron Laboray, host & curator

Nora Hartlaub, artist

HORSE SENSE: “NC Equestrian Statue,” the Terrain Biennial installation by local artist Nora Hartlaub, hijacks the traditional rider-on-horseback statue as a totem of imperial power often installed on the lawns of public institutions.

Read more about Nora’s work and her piece for the Terrain Biennial here: http://mountainx.com/arts/state-of-the-arts-the-2015-international-terrain-biennial-comes-to-asheville/

The work of Ron Laboray has been exhibited in museums, special project spaces, and galleries in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Memphis, St. Louis, Taiwan, and Japan.  Laboray’s art merges abstract painting and drawing with a pseudoscientific method to create a growing visual archive of popular culture. In his work, the visual language of abstraction supports a color-coded archive of data, based on mass culture elements like television, movies, comic books, fast food logos and junk mail advertising.  Ron currently resides in Asheville North Carolina and holds the rank of Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at Western Carolina University.

Image Below: Artist Project Sketches